Eating Out

by Vendorbelly

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Created during Spring 2014, 'Eating Out' was recorded initially at Central Sound, but also at The Secret Chapel. At Central, the drum tracks were recorded and printed through a Neve console. At The Chapel, all other instrumentation and vocals were recorded. Produced by Vendorbelly.


released July 4, 2014

Luke Tomkins - Vocals, Guitar, Rave Horn (Track 11)
Sean Lynch - Vocals, Guitar, Irish Drum (Track 11)
Euan James-Richards - Vocals, Bass, Clarinet (Track 11)
Joey Flanagan - Vocals, Drums, Percussion, Drill (Track 11), Guitar

Drums recorded by Alex Eyers at Central Sound
Instrumentation & vocals recorded & mixed by Luke Tomkins

All songs written & produced by Vendorbelly

No pizza boys were beaten during the making of this album.



all rights reserved


Vendorbelly Greater London, UK

Taller than your last bar order; wider than the Panama Canal. Vendorbelly is comprised of four musicians from the deserts of distant Bromley (South East London), creating fuzzy, shoe-gazey, sand-sodden, psychedelic-metallic sounds that will get you tapping your feet and foreheads on the ground. Loud isn't loud enough, go louder. ... more

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Track Name: Med Me, Medicate
I've seen through all the sacrifice
I'll take these things that are not mine
Looking up to see your sign
Med me when I'm stolen light
I'm searching for the golden skies
Homeward bound by still awry
Close my eyes and keep the dream alive
Med me when I'm stolen light

When you coming for me so I can sleep more?
All those promises never meant to be more
I'm still searching for the golden skies
Won't give up on that perfect light
All those answers I lost before are right in front of me

You cast the first drop to the sand
Your limbs are liquid, folding hands
You thought that I would medicate
But med me when I'm stolen light
The minds that you can't understand
Will soon cave in an levitate
An upward line that's full of hate
So med me when I'm stolen light
Track Name: Matter
I don't matter
That's a matter of fact
You don't matter
You've just proven that
What matters, what matters
We don't matter
That's what they say
I don't matter
No matter what you say
What matters, what matters
Tell me what you know

Tell me what you know about the real world
Why've you got the long face?
I'm so busy with the matters at hand
Does it matter? Does it matter?
I'll be making the marks of a better man
Does it matter? Does it matter?
Tell me what you know about the real world
Couldn't find my way

What's the matter?
That's what I'm asking you
What's the matter?
Has the worst come true?
What matters, what matters
I should've known
I should've known
I should've known
I shouldn't care
What matters, what matters
Tell me what you know
Track Name: Sirens
I got lost along the shoreline on a journey far away
I still think about the old times and how I was led astray
I can see through the foglight your siren's song is loud
You're just a drop in the ocean and you're so proud

She's never coming back home
I knew this all along
She's never gonna come back
Why don't you cut me some slack
She's calling over to me
The thickness of a degree
She pulls me in with her lies
I'd love to sacrifice

As I crash into the rocks all I know is what went wrong with me
My heart is left in knots
I knew it all along
Track Name: Z (Shamble On)
Won't you wander?
En masse, one mass
Reach reach crawl
We're losing the war
Just take a bite (bite)
But don't take it from me (me)
Broken bodies
My mind is broken
Just take a bite (bite)
But don't take it from me (me)
It just takes one bite (bite)
And I won't be me

They just shamble on, they're moving dead slow
Blood blood twisted and moaning never gonna be slowing down
They just shamble on, they're gonna hunt you down
Keep your wits about you, you don't wanna be zombie food
Track Name: Delivery Time
I got the pizza boy
I'm gonna beat that boy
Track Name: Interlude: "Yes, I Am You"
Hurry girl and drink your wine
You'll never be a lover of mine
See the silver of the moon will shine
And you're left to the blue-blooded hounds of the night
Spread your love with a butter knife
And wrap up my brain in bittersweet game
Shedding my skin 'til the reptile reveals
Yes, I am you and for you I just might
Track Name: Meat Factory
I got caught in the dark
A souvenir from the last kiss
It doesn't spell the end
It's spelling out where to go
You're only as smart as the dumbest man
Machines clank clank, broken hands
It's time to leave again
To where I do not know

I'll make a heart-shaped cut across my chest
Only the best for you
I'm lined up inside the slaughterhouse
My flesh will nourish you

Where you going tonight?
I'll follow you from the outside
There's nothing left to give
I'm going back inside

I struggle to sleep, I stumble and fall
I struggle to breathe, I stumble and stall
Track Name: Undermind
I broke my oath again, oh well
My fortune's wrong
It's fun to realize, oh well
I long, so long
You are undermining me
There is profit to be made
You have not defined me
There is profit to be made

Why do we fall?
Track Name: Caraman
We'll take a trip to the country
Rest our bones in the soil
The autumn leaves are crunchy
Beneath the tented toil
Dive in the van, I've got a plan
Sunset, light the fire
Time out, take your time

We'll take the sleeping bags
The heating's on the fritz
The caravan is ours
We'll take you to the brink
Dive in the van, I've got a plan
Sunset, light the fire
Time out, take your time

As the days and nights go by I'd like to say I'm sad
I'm far enough away out here to bury you my friend
I'm digging hard out here to hide your tired bones
I'll hammer on your head until you enter the shadow zone
Track Name: Soup
People people people people FIRE
Track Name: Devil In Disguise
Flay the flesh off my finger tips
Dry crusted lips with your wine
You took away my favourite toy
The pain was so divine, joy
You took the fingers from my hands
You do understand
I maim myself when I'm begging you
End my pain, despair's your game

Broken mind with the flaying knife when I wished you'd use your sword
I'm begging you to end my life but you'll strip my skin 'til you're bored
Send the pieces to my family, I hope they're not too sore
Take my name away from me, I'm a man no more, no more

You cut me down to size
Your mercy brings more pain
A devil in disguise
A demon with not shame
Splash your wine on my face
I'm just a disgrace
It's all in good taste
The former me is erased

Flay my skin until there's nothing left, the surface looks so red
I'll never love again, my sons are already dead
My father has no son, my mother lost her boy
There's nothing left to tell, the branch has been destroyed