Waving Lines EP

by Vendorbelly

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FDJ Desert rock from the rain soaked plains of Bromley,South London.Big riffs interspersed with mellow vocals and moments of brilliance. Favorite track: Butter And The Bread.
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Recorded January 2013 by Josh Shrives at TBP Studios, Dartford. Mixed & Mastered by Luke Tomkins & Josh Shrives.


released February 1, 2013

Euan James-Richards - bass/ backing vocals
Joey Flanagan - drums/backing vocals on track 1 & 2
Luke Tomkins - mixing, mastering, vocals/lyrics/guitar
Josh Shrives - production, engineering, mastering, guitar on track 2, backing vocals on track 1
Ben Le Marchant - engineering, cello on track 3, backing vocals on track 1



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Vendorbelly Greater London, UK

Taller than your last bar order; wider than the Panama Canal. Vendorbelly is comprised of four musicians from the deserts of distant Bromley (South East London), creating fuzzy, shoe-gazey, sand-sodden, psychedelic-metallic sounds that will get you tapping your feet and foreheads on the ground. Loud isn't loud enough, go louder. ... more

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Track Name: Butter And The Bread
I want to spread you on the surface
You're my sweet accomplice
I want to spread you over my lust
This trust is surely gone

I want to feed you to my desire
Weeping from the spire
I want to feed you my endless love
It's tough to fit the glove

It's just like eight years passed
I see you're all alone
Don't leave me standing here
Make me unstoppable
Free of fear
Free of fear
Free of fear
Free to dispair
Track Name: Cairo
This heat is breaking me
As I take these broken steps
There is nothing that can stop me now
And I'm working up a sweat
I could've owned this town

But there's too much time to dwell on waving lines
As the heat traces hot in the sand
And there's no wise men left to help me find my way
So I set sail into the sand
Into the sand
And I'm hitching a ride across the open dunes
I'm pushing doubt to a secret place
There's not one damn thing that can make me change my mind
So I sail

The wind is cutting me
As I ride these open lands
There is nothing that obstructs my way
And I'm deep inside
I left you far behind
Track Name: Goldar
You are molasses
Slipping 'cross the world
I am the masses
Sipping from the ocean of black
You are the sky
Green from time to time
I am the sine
Theoretic distant integer
She was the day
Beckoned the shaded hours
He was the same
Trying to drink from a golden cup
You are molasses
Preventing the final birth
I have forgotten
What's yet to be revealed

You are molasses
Suggested papermate
I am the masses
Struggled through a distant precipice
You are the sky
Lighting their darkened lives
I am the sine
Breaking down this sudden number game
She was the day
Seducing the early questions
He was the same
Clawing at the dreams of better men
You are molasses
Inventing the sacred name
I have forgotten
What lies beyond your eyes

You want to find your proof
Like a wavelength
You've got to play your part
Like a deadman
You want to violate
Like an abstract
Like a one man show
With many men to spare
Track Name: Keiko's Last Smile
I saw you run your fingers through your hair
And I can see that it's not on your mind
I felt suprised when I heard your voice
I became a wreck inside your stormy eyes
What the hell
You'll never know unless you try
Your sweetened scent is hanging in the air
The nectar billows from your fiery hair
A shock of fear pumped inside my heart
And the world was frozen when your eyes met mine
So what the hell
Why can't I tell you anything without

Slipping down
Facing the black hole entropy
Inside the event horizon
And I'm drowned
Washed by the emerald hurricane
Inside your eyes

I've known you now for so many years
I never wore my feelings honestly
I hope that soon you'll see it on my face
'Cause I need you now more than you would believe
What the hell
This is a confession
Cast your mind back to when we met
Could I have caught the storm inside your eyes?
I'll carry on until you know the truth
And I hope in time you'll listen to my words
What the hell
This song's for you, I hope you know that I'm

Slipping down
Facing the black hole entropy
Inside the event horizon
And I'm drowned
Washed by the emerald hurricane
Inside your eyes

I saw you run your fingers through your hair
I dream sweet dreams of you and me
When I wake up, these words are on my mind
What the hell
I'll make you mine if that's alright but I'm

Slipping down
Facing the black hole entropy
Inside the event horizon
And I'm drowned
Washed by the emerald hurricane
Inside your eyes